Ryan C. Paget
Personal details

Personal details

Born 2003, Z├╝rich, Switzerland
Age range 14 - 18
Build Slender
Height 166
Colour of hair Dark brown
Hair style wavy short
Colour of eyes Brown
Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice



Languages English (mother tongue)
German (mother tongue)
Dialects Zurich (native dialect)
Accents Swiss (native accent)
Sports Jogging (very good)
Unicycle (good)
Ice hockey (good)
Juggling (good)
Swimming (basic)
Musical instruments Clarinet (basic)


CV - Film

CV - Television & Streaming

2020 Digital Natives Other
Directed by: Anik Leonhardt

CV - Theatre

2019 Animal FarmDetective Speaker/narrator
Directed by: Dan Phillips
2019 Simply TheartreChristopher Boone Lead
Directed by: Emily Magorrian
2012 - 2016 Kinderzirkus Robinson Member of ensemble
Directed by: Claudia Kaspar

CV - Commercials

2020 AXA Films Extra
Directed by: Samuel Morris

CV - Audio

CV - Other

2020 Ciao Mama
Bit Player
Directed by: Flora Ruhmannseder
2019 Michael Smolik - Deine Chancealmatyfilms
Directed by: Alex Almaty
2019 The Celebrity Experience
Greg Other
Directed by: Adrian R'Mante
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Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget Ryan C. Paget